Since 2018

Who Are We?

JR Chemical Sales caters to the Greater New Orleans, LA, and its neighboring areas, providing a comprehensive range of chemical solutions. Our expertise lies in offering degreasers, food-grade chemicals, 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite, sanitation products, hand cleaners, DEF products, and more. Complemented by our Pressure Washing Showroom, we boast a diverse selection of products to meet all cleaning requirements. Our clientele extends beyond industrial customers to include power washing contractors. We maintain a well-stocked inventory, offering products in various quantities, including 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails, drums, and totes.


Here are a few things we can do for your business.

Industrial Chemical Expertise:

Our extensive catalog includes a diverse range of industrial chemicals designed to meet the demands of various applications. From powerful degreasers to specialized cleaning agents, we provide high-quality chemical solutions to suit your unique requirements.

Complete Equipment Supply:

We go beyond chemical supply by offering a complete array of equipment essential for effective use. Explore our selection of hose reels, hoses, fittings, wands, soft wash pumps, and other accessories, ensuring you have everything you need for your operations.

Tailored Solutions for Different Applications:

We recognize that different industries have distinct needs. Our range of chemicals is tailored to specific applications, ensuring optimal performance whether you're engaged in heavy-duty industrial cleaning or require food-grade sanitation solutions.