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  • DOWNSTREAM SOFT WASH NOZZLE: The DS Twist is a downstream soft wash nozzle that lowers the PSI output to under 100PSI, ensuring it operates at a safe and non-high pressure level.
  • VERSATILE SPRAY PATTERNS: The DS Twist nozzle offers spray patterns ranging from 0 to 60 degrees, eliminating the need to switch tips and streamlining cleaning tasks for improved efficiency and convenience.
  • DOWNSTREAM APPLICATION: Downstreaming is a method of cleaning with your pressure washer with a downstream injector connected. Soap nozzles are connected to the spray gun and triggers the downstream injector to pull soap through the injector hose. The DS Twist is unique in that it has a variable spray pattern to apply solutions to surfaces with ease and convenience, making cleaning tasks more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • EXCEPTIONAL HEIGHT AND REACH: With the ability to reach up to 40 feet w/ 2-3 GPM, up to 50 feet w/ 3-5 GPM, and up to 60 feet w/ 7-12 GPM, The DS Twist excels at cleaning tall and hard-to-reach areas, providing exceptional height and reach based on your machine's GPM. *These nozzles are to be used with a standard pressure washer however the DS Twist can be used with the softwashing Agricultural systems. These types of low pressure direct pumps can be used with the 2-3 GPM size DS Twist.